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Article: Athlete Story — Christian Saceanu

Athlete Story — Christian Saceanu

Athlete Story — Christian Saceanu


Meet Christian Saceanu — one of our local heroes. Christian is a former professional tennis player with an impressive career, playing against Agassi, Sampras and McEnroe among others 

Christian who comes from Rumania started playing football, swimming and playing tennis when he was 6 years old. When Christian was 12 years he chose to focus on tennis, and two years later became the Rumanian National Champion.

“When I was 14 years I became Rumanian National Champion. Thereafter we moved to Germany so that I could play more tennis. When I was 17 years I became the German National Champion. I got a Bundesliga contract and could now become a pro and travel the world with tennis”.



When Christian was 18 years old he got his first ATP tour ranking and soon after, at the age of 19, he was among the top 100 tennis players in the world.

For 10 years Christian travelled the world and played his best game: Aggressive style. Serving and volleying.

“I played against my big idol John McEnroe when I was 20 years - I enjoyed that challenge”.

Among many talented tennis players Christian also played against Pete Sampres and Andre´ Agassi and won over both of them. He came in the 1/8 final in Wimbledon and Australian Open. In total Christian played 28 Grand Slams and became European Champion together with his team at aged 25.



After a long impressive career Christian moved to Denmark in 2002 teaching tennis. 

“As a professional everything is about winning or losing all the time. My new goal in life, is more about having an amazing every day, make it count and spend as much time with family and my grandchild”.

For the kids I coach - for me it is important to keep the dream alive but more importantly teach them to enjoy the road to it. If you want to go pro – you have to find a mindset that allows you to live on the court and live for your tennis. Selfconfidence many has – but selfworth is the most important skill on the court. If you mentally can handle the challenge it will get you far”.

When Christian played Copenhagen Open in the 1990´ies he meet his Danish wife, whom he now has 5 children with and rest is history.




Romanian National Champion at 14 years.

German National Champion at 17 years.


11 Wimbledon.

8 Australian Open.

5 Roland Garros.

4 US Open.

28 Grand Slams.

European Champion with teams when 25 years.

10 times Danish Champion with teams group 40-50 years.

57 on the ATP world tour ranking.

Single Danish Champion 50 years.

Double Danish Champion 55 years.